"Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times." - Anonymous


I am an avid traveler with plans to explore everywhere eventually.
My lifetime progress so far:




States (+D.C.)


Countries / Regions




What's planned next?

My plan has 0 cities left to experience this year.

1/31/2022 - 3/3/2022 Phoenix AZ
6/26/2022 - 7/1/2022 San Diego CA
10/1/2022 - 11/30/2022 Melbourne VIC



Digital Nomad

I have not had a permanent residence since June 2017 and have been traveling the USA and the world, working from the road. It's called a "Digital Nomad", it's a thing... Google it.

In these 4 years, I have lived in 100 unique cities across 49 states in 8 countries outside of the Phoenix area, my base.

Where have I stayed?

This is where I hung my hat so far in


Where am I now?

Currently in Panama City, Panama

As of 12/03/2021 8:31 AM



Favorite Places

What's my fav place? It's so subjective but since I rate a whole bunch a stuff along the way, here are the top 20 places that I have rated the bits highest.

San Diego CA USA 109 fav ratings
San Francisco CA USA 99 fav ratings
New York NY USA 42 fav ratings
New Orleans LA USA 25 fav ratings
Las Vegas NV USA 20 fav ratings
London England 16 fav ratings
Budapest Hungary 15 fav ratings
Memphis TN USA 15 fav ratings
Washington DC USA 15 fav ratings
Austin TX USA 14 fav ratings
Seattle WA USA 13 fav ratings
Chicago IL USA 12 fav ratings
San Antonio TX USA 11 fav ratings
Sedona AZ USA 11 fav ratings
Prague Czech Republic 10 fav ratings
Boston MA USA 9 fav ratings
Edinburgh Scotland 9 fav ratings
Lake Tahoe CA USA 9 fav ratings
Louisville KY USA 9 fav ratings
Milwaukee WI USA 9 fav ratings



155 days | 45 cities | 24 states | 2 countries | 2 airbnbs | 38 hotels | 10,871 jeep miles | 8,477 airmiles on 5 flights | 1,244 photos | 303 new checkins | 26 new cities | 65 museums | 12 Morton's in 12 cities

Anchorage AK USA
8 ratings
Annapolis MD USA
16 ratings
Arlington VA USA
6 ratings
Atlantic City NJ USA
3 ratings
Austin TX USA
50 ratings
Baltimore MD USA
16 ratings
Baton Rouge LA USA
6 ratings
Boston MA USA
14 ratings
Bridgeport CT USA
3 ratings
Buffalo NY USA
6 ratings
Burlington VT USA
7 ratings
Charleston WV USA
3 ratings
Chattanooga TN USA
7 ratings
Cincinnati OH USA
13 ratings
Cleveland OH USA
11 ratings
Corpus Christi TX USA
9 ratings
Dallas TX USA
21 ratings
Des Moines IA USA
8 ratings
East Wareham MA USA
2 ratings
El Paso TX USA
4 ratings
Fairbanks AK USA
14 ratings
Houston TX USA
11 ratings
Manchester NH USA
3 ratings
Mill Run PA USA
2 ratings
Montpelier VT USA
2 ratings
Naperville IL USA
2 ratings
New Haven CT USA
2 ratings
North Pole AK USA
3 ratings
Ohiopyle PA USA
2 ratings
Panama City Panama
5 ratings
Pittsburgh PA USA
10 ratings
Plymouth MI USA
2 ratings
Port Isabel TX USA
3 ratings
Portsmouth NH USA
2 ratings
Providence RI USA
5 ratings
Salem MA USA
2 ratings
San Antonio TX USA
14 ratings
San Diego CA USA
25 ratings
South Padre Island TX USA
11 ratings
Springfield OH USA
2 ratings
Stowe VT USA
7 ratings
Talkeetna AK USA
10 ratings
Topeka KS USA
3 ratings
Tulsa OK USA
4 ratings
Utica NY USA
4 ratings
2 ratings
Washington DC USA
31 ratings
Wichita KS USA
9 ratings
Wilmington DE USA
4 ratings





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