"...every home will have a robotic assistant to perform common household tasks within the next 10 years" - Mashable


I have considered myself a technologist since I was a kid and have found ways to improve my life and make it easier. The question I get the most is 'Who is Audrey?'



Audrey is my personal assistant. She isn't a person but a conglomeration of technologies brought together to be smart and useful. Think of what a personal assistant would be and she fills alot of that role and in one form or another, evolving since the mid-90s. She started out as a home automation system, controlling lights, air conditioning, etc but has become much more over the years. Many of these features can be replicated on assistant platforms like Siri, Google Assistance, and Alexa, but this allows to me get more information from my personal databases and The best way to demonstrate is to show her value is in context with an example of a typical day.

7:00 AM I wake up to an alarm that Audrey reminded me with a message on my phone to set the night before. On my phone screen, she starts with a weather forecast for the day, run down on my calendar for the day, and any updates on emails she either has handled or need my attention. She shows me "On this day" and a few "Random Days" from my Lifestream to remind me of that great time in Tortola. Lastly, she reminds me of a friend's birthday today and let's me know it been a week since I have caught up with another friend that is in my inner circle.
7:30 AM She first records my current weight, BMI, and body fat from my body scale into the database and then reminds me what exercise sets I should do today. Throughout the workout, I verbally tell her my exercise counts which she records into my database.
8:00 AM While I cook breakfast, I ask her to play news from NPR hourly update, tech news, and NPR Up First. She then asks if she should read some news articles I have pinned from across the web. After I finish breakfast, I tell her verbally what I ate which she records in the database including 4 glasses of water and a soda.
8:30 AM She alerts me on my dashboard that I have one new message from a tenant in my property management app and Audrey determined that his refrigerator has an issue. She confirms with me that I agree, and when I do, she opens a "conversation" and replies to the tenant of a list of things to try first before engaging a contractor. She also shows me that no leases are approaching expiration and that all 5 properties ROIs are performing within the targets I set.
12:00 PM She alerts me on my dashboard that the tenant replied to the conversation that none of the suggestions corrected the issue with the refrigerator and asks to confirm if I agree that the standard appliance repair contractor should be engaged. When I confirm, she replies to the tenant that we are scheduling a contractor and emails the contractor with the issue. Audrey also alerts me that another tenant's renter's insurance expires in a week so after I agree, she sends the tenant a reminder, and starts tracking the conversation. Lastly, when I finish lunch, I tell her what I ate in which she records to the database.
2:00 PM She reminds me on my dashboard that I have 142 days left in the year to meet objectives I set for myself and only 19% of the tasks I am completing daily are from priority projects. This nudge encourages me to complete 3 tasks this afternoon around projects most critical to my life goals. She also notes that I am behind in the number of new music artists objective for the year. That prompts me to listen to 2 new artists' albums with me thumbing up 5 new songs while I work.
3:00 PM On schedule, Audrey emailed the post office box folks asking if I had new mail in my box and when they repled with the inventory, she noted it on my dashboard and asked if I wanted them to forward it to my current location in Washington DC. I asked her to wait.
4:30 PM She alerts me on my dashboard that the appliance repair contractor replied and will schedule a time with the tenant for Friday at 10:00AM. She adds this to the conversation and adds it to my calendar for awareness.
6:00 PM Audrey sees my calendar reminder notification to meet a friend for dinner and asks if I need an Uber. I decide to drive so she sends directions to my Jeep's Android deck Google Maps. While at dinner, Audrey discreetly reminds me to ask my friend about her recent trip to Italy. When I get back home, she records the location and miles of the Jeep and confirms with me all the check-ins, photos, and she found during the day to be added to my Lifestream. She tags in the Lifestream who I was with and if the venue was new, will ask me for a rating.
8:00 PM On my dashboard, she reminds me I have one more hotel reservation to complete my US Roadtrip. I make the reservation and mark the task complete in Outlook. Audrey pulls this and now shows one more priority project completed for 3rd quarter. I take a victory lap.
8:30 PM She alerts me on my dashboard that she found, downloaded, and added the last movie of the IMDb Top 250 list to PLEX reminding me its the last movie to meet that objective. I verbally ask her to start the movie in PLEX, casting to the TV. When I finish the movie, I give it a rating in PLEX which Audrey records in the database.
10:00 PM Audrey pops a message on my phone that it doesn't appear that I recorded everything I ate and drank for the day. After I record the items, she notes on my dashboard that I am good with water intake, on track for fruits and vegetables, but over on calories and soda for the week so will need some more exercise tomorrow and cut back on the juice. She also shows I still need 1,023 more steps and 2 heart points to meet the daily objective but shows that now I am on track with all tasks and projects to meet the annual objectives I set. I walk a bit to get the last 1,000 steps.
11:00 PM Before dozing off, Audrey tells me what I have on my calendar tomorrow and asks when the alarm should be set for. I then ask Audrey to start the next Seinfeld episode which when its done (and I am asleep), she will record in the database and turn off the TV.


For the geeks, here are the technologies that make up Audrey's capabilities:

Windows Server VPS I run a couple Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in the cloud. I chose Windows Server due to the widest number of use cases for me and applications I can run. Plus with my knowledge in VBScript and .Net, it made sense.
PLEX Media Server On one the VPSes, I run the latest version of PLEX when gives me access to any of my media on any of the clients where ever I am. Audrey has access to PLEX via APIs and webhooks to record what is being watched and start activities based on it.
Homeseer v3 Originally for home automation, I use the scheduling, web, and scripting capabilities of the platform. When I decide to settle down again, I will re-integrate home functions in so she can run the house.
VBScript and .Net scripting I could use any newer tech like Python or .Net C# but right now, sticking with what I know. So using VBScript and VB.NET to script needs and run the web front end of the dashboard.
Tasker, AutoVoice, AutoInput, AutoShare, and Google Cloud On my Android phone, I use Tasker for many of the sensors like getting my current geo location every 15 mins and sending it to Audrey via API for her to record and geocode. I also use AutoVoice to capture and speak back commands and information using Google Cloud Natural Language AI to determine my wants. Lastly, I use AutoInput to automate some of the pieces on my phone for example, casting PLEX media on the TV.
Various APIs on the web For the bits of info I need, Audrey connects to various web APIs including Microsoft 365, Google Cloud DataFlow, Pocket, PLEX, Google Timeline, Google Fit, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Last.FM, Goodreads, Youtube, Zillow, and TripIt. And when no API is readily available, she can pull information other ways like AutoInput on my phone itself. I have talked about some of this in my presentations.



About this site

This site is completely driven by the data collected in my various databases and is curated automatically by those entries. Along the way, I rate checkins, photos, notes, and quotes in my Lifestream, this will show for example, where I have been, when I was there for how long, header photos to show, and my favorite places. Which means that this site will continue to evolve and update automatically as I continue to explore the world.

Ping me if you have questions or if you want to chat more.



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